图像编辑 Xara Designer Pro X

Xara Designer Pro X是由 Xara 官方出品的一款设计精美、功能强大且易于使用的图片设计绘图软件。作为一款很棒的图形图像编辑处理软件包,它可以用来绘图,处理图像,制作WEB图形,具有制图速度快,软件体积小,界面美观等特点,被誉为世界上速度最快的绘图软件。Designer Pro X 16除了拥有极强绘图能力外,另一个显著特点就是能够很方便的快速“生产”网页图片(支持类似Photoshop的切图功能)。软件集合了照片编辑,桌面出版,图形和网页设计等多种功能于一体,可以满足不同办公用户的需求,用户可以对各类图像进行调整和优化,也可以有效地处理图片的各种属性,包括图像的亮度,对比度,颜色和饱和度等。软件操作简单直观,你可以自己画一个按钮放到你的网页上面,或者从一个视频中截取一段,然后把它们转换成 GIF即可,其软件的功能和其输出的效果相当完美!此外软件还内置大量模板和拥有大量的图象编辑工具,制作一些相对简单的效果比PS快N倍,非常适合懒人型玩家!

图像编辑 Xara Designer Pro X

Xara Designer Pro is our flagship product and includes all the illustration, photo editing, DTP and web design features of Photo & Graphic Designer, Web Designer Premium and Page & Layout Designer.

It is a single integrated solution for all your creative work, for print and the web. Here are just some of the reasons why we believe Xara Designer Pro stands out from the competition, making it a great choice for all your graphic design needs.

Some Xara Advantages

Xara Designer Pro is famous for its speed and unrivalled ease of use, making it not just a highly productive tool, but a pleasure to be creative!

One Integrated Program

Xara Designer Pro is our flagship all-in-one creative title. In one completely integrated and consistent interface it provides all the tools for a range of graphic design tasks that would normally require three or more separate ‘suite’ programs: illustration, photo editing, advanced page layout, web graphics, websites and more.

By combining all your design tools in one program, Xara Designer Pro achieves a smaller memory footprint, faster performance, no program switching and reduced hardware requirements, not to mention an easier learning curve, higher productivity and excellent value for money!

Home Page: http://www.xara.com/us/designer-pro/


图像编辑 Xara Designer Pro X

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